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Waypoint Compass

Waypoint Compass

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  • Insanely Compact: This compact compass is so small it'll fit easily and seamlessly in your hand or in your pocket! 
  • Ridiculously Lightweight: Only 0.8 oz. this is by far one of the lightest survival products we sell here in our online survival store.
  • Perfect For Traveling: Comes with a handy mini carabiner, allowing you to attach it to your bug out bag, survival kit, car keys, belt loop or camping supplies with ease.
  • Glow In The Dark Capabilities: This camping compass makes getting home at night a breeze thanks to its glow-in-the-dark backlighting.
  • Includes: Mini Carabiner

Find Your Way Home - Even In Pitch Black Darkness 

This pocket compass is one of the best pieces of prepper gear you can have in a survival situation! Not only is this camping compass super compact (so small you can fit it in your pocket!), but it also comes attached to a mini carabiner, allowing you to attach this compact compass to your keys, bug out bag, survival kit or camping supplies for easy carrying! The coolest thing about this survival tool, though, is how it glows in the dark - this makes it super easy to find your way home in a survival situation - even in pitch black darkness!

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