Collection: Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Alcohol free drinks and keto beverages from Top Hat Provisions.

"We are master mixologists and global foragers gathering ingredients to create legendary alcohol free beverages to share with you. Shop our diverse collection of award winning handcrafted Cocktail Mixers, Tonics, Ginger Beers, Draft Cocktail Batching Syrups, Bag in Box Soda Syrups, Cold Brew Coffee & Keto Mixers made with Monk Fruit!"

Founded by Shane McKnight, who first started bartending at the onset of a culinary renaissance of chef-owned restaurants in San Francisco in 1997. While serving batched agave margaritas alongside world-famous chef Joseph Manzare at an Academy Awards afterparty in Los Angeles in 2007, McKnight was inspired to cultivate more batched cocktail programs for bars, restaurants, stadiums, events & larger venues using local produce, craft spirits & intense color from both foraged & imported botanicals.

"In 2015, we commissioned master bottlers Scott Hawley & Bob Baccioco to professionally handcraft, batch, bottle, label and ship our products all over the world."