Collection: Men's swimwear

Luxury meets sustainability with our men's swimwear crafted from 100% recycled plastics. Arqutype was founded with a vision of making a positive impact – one that doesn’t compromise on quality or the unique design of high-end swimwear.

"Our innovative, wholly Australian owned range is entirely crafted from recycled plastics, more often than not from our waterways or oceans. These are transformed and given new life as a low-impact weave that is used throughout the collection".

Not only is this an eco-conscious and more sustainable choice, but the fabrication feels soft, comfortable and has a high-quality finish. Oh, and it’s not just about looking good and doing good – everything is crafted with functionality in mind.

"You can wear our fashion-forward swimwear in the very ocean you are helping protect".

"Our brand ethos is focused on being mindful while delivering real improvements with each chic design. The result is a carefully curated range perfect for anyone who wants to look and feel amazing through their fashion choices".