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California Avocados Direct. Gourmet California avocados picked and shipped the same day all year round. From our farm to your door. Anywhere in the US.

California Avocados Direct is the creation of Ben Holtz who grows avocados on the Holtz Family farm in Escondido, California. The Holtz’s family has been growing avocados for the USA since 1901. Ben Holtz is a fourth-generation avocado grower and started his company’s online business in 2008. So, with the help of the internet he could pick, pack, and ship the finest hand picked avocados to avo lovers across the country.
“I’ve been doing this since I was 4 years old. I grew up irrigating and fertilizing, checking the trees with dad. It’s just one of those things you grow into,” Ben explains. The company quickly became busier than Ben expected. “All of a sudden I started getting this uptick of online sales, so I started to pivot and said, ‘All right, I need to get more supplies and a dedicated team and respond to this demand as it comes.’”

California Avocados Direct has grown into a well trained team dedicated to harvesting the highest quality avocados of various varieties and delivering them to our customers door nationwide.
“This is just love. It’s love in a box, and it’s going out to America,” 
- Ben Holtz.