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Survival Frog

Survival Huntsman Knife

Survival Huntsman Knife

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  • Tactical fixed blade: sharp and durable enough to get through anything. This nifty tool can be put to use on your next hunting, fishing, or hiking excursion.
  • Safe and easy to store: The polyester sheath that comes with your knife is a safe way to store and carry. The sheath also includes a snap that locks around the handle securing the blade. 
  • The perfect grip: You can be sure to not lose your grip with this knife’s ergonomic design. The extremely grippy handle is helpful if you’re prone to sweaty hands or find yourself in wet weather conditions.
  • Carry it every day: Feel protected by carrying it with you everyday. Use the belt loop in the sheath to attach the knife to your waist. This tool is the greatest self-defense weapon when SHTF.
The powerful Huntsman Knife is perfect for your next camping adventure or bug-out-bag. Feel confident in your ability to cut, hack, and slice by adding the well-built Huntsman Knife to your hiking, fishing, or hunting gear. Whether you want to make kindling for a fire or cut someone’s seatbelt to save them from a burning vehicle, the Huntsman Knife has you covered. 
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