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Survival Frog

Solar Camping Fan & Light

Solar Camping Fan & Light

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  • Versatile & Compact Solar Fan: Our fan is compact (6.1” x 4.7” x 6.1”) enough to carry with you anywhere. Strap to a backpack with it weighing only a little over 1 pound. Harness the power from the sun and charge your fan up to full battery or plug it into the wall with the micro USB output.
  • Micro USB Input/Output: In case of emergency there is a micro USB input to charge up any devices.
  • Ultra-Bright Adjustable LED Light: There are adjustable brightness levels to light up your tent at night when you need it, ranging from a low light to an ultra bright light. You can choose between a white light or an orange light. There is a flashing mode for emergency use to signal for rescue that alternates between a bright orange and white light. Fold the lights in and out when you just want to use the fan.
  • Extra Long Battery Life: The fan has a working time of 25 hours after it is charged. You will be able to use the fan throughout the day and night while camping.
  • User Friendly: Easy buttons to adjust your fan and light settings.
  • Hanging Hook: Hang your fan at night wherever you need it

Bring your Solar Camping Fan & Light with you on your next adventure and strap it to the top of your tent. Don’t suffer from heat exhaustion by not being prepared with a fan at night or throughout the day. Our fan will not only provide you with air circulation but it will illuminate your tent at night, charge your phone, and be an emergency signal for rescue.

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