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Nutrition Ready to Eat Alpha Sample - 7 Pack

Nutrition Ready to Eat Alpha Sample - 7 Pack

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Receive a $40 Store Credit, when you purchase this sample pack.
- Limit one $40 Store Credit per purchase (even if you buy multiple sample packs).
- Try your sample meals. Then assuming you love it…
- Use your $40 Store Credit towards a bundle of Nutrient Survival, or any other products on Survival Frog.

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  • 1x Maple Almond Grain Crunch
  • 1x Homestyle Scramble
  • 1x Triple Cheese Mac
  • 1x Creamy Chocolate Shake
  • 1x Peanut Butter Bar Meal
  • 1x Vitamin Coffee
  • 1x Liquid Nutrient Lemon Lime

The Most Nutrient-dense Survival Food Available!

Move over MREs! The future has arrived. Complete the mission with the Special Ops grade nutrition you need to keep your mind sharp and body strong. The NRE™ delivers Nutrition Ready to Eat™ that's 75% more nutrient dense than what even GI Joe gets in their average MRE.

NRE ALPHA. Contains a full day's worth of individually packaged, delicious meals and drinks. 1,415 nutrient packed calories and 76 grams of protein in 7 convenient servings to sustain you from morning to night. Each sample pack is around 2 oz. and makes great to-go meals or add a few to your bug-out bag.  Eating healthy during a survival situation (or camping) can make a huge difference in how your body and mind react. 

SHELF LIFE: Up to 15 years

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