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Cucumber lemon hydrator

Cucumbers are a spring and summer vegetable. They have a refreshing taste that can be sweet and astringent. Lemons come all year round and are sour. Together, they are a match made in heaven. Often used in Greek dishes together, they create a fresh taste and feeling your mouth. 

Beyond the benefits of drinking water, the cucumber slices with lemon slices give your glass of water a facelift, making it gorgeous with yellow and green colors.


  • Cucumber slices 
  • Lemon slices
  • Water


  1. Squeeze 1 lemon slice in the water
  2. Place the cucumbers into your glass and let sit one minute
  3. Enjoy

Add some fresh mint or rosemary from your Tower Garden.  Check out the list of herbs you can grow in your tower. 

Grow your own cucumbers in your Tower Garden!


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