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Start with what you eat for a healthy lifestyle

How do you decide what goes on your plate?
A simple start is adding in lots of plant-based and whole foods.

Life is all about balance.  How can you get more fruits and veggies onto your plate?  How can you make it more colorful ?
Would you like to explore a more plant-based diet?

Explore how your body feels when you eat different foods


Water, tea, soup, juice, and water in fruits and vegetables.

Add color and texture. Rainbow of fruits: apples, blueberries, grapes, orange, cherries, pineapples.  Rainbow of vegetables: carrots, beets, spinach, broccoli, kale, celery, parsley.

Water is simple, clear and hydrating, but you can also hydrate with teas, juices, milks and soups.

Explore how your body feels when eating different types of protein. Plant-based proteins: beans, nuts, tofu. Animal-based proteins: eggs, fish, chicken, beef.

Try whole grains that are less processed. Oats, rice, barley, and quinoa.

Add a bit more flavor and taste to your food. Olive oil, safflower oil, avocados, nuts, seeds and their oils.

*Feel free to share your experience of change in the comments below.


Whole Food Nutrition


The folks at Juice Plus+ have some great ideas and products.  Their capsules  and protein shakes are great. We love the company and what they stand for.  Support your whole food nutrition plan with any of the Juice Plus+ fruits and vegetables pulp products.


Start with berries

The power of berries


Thanks to their high phytochemical content, such as the resveratrol to be found in grapes, berries are considered especially nutritious. Juice Plus+ Selected Berries contains 12 different types of berries in a highly concentrated form. The berries in Juice Plus+ Selected Berries are harvested when they reach perfect ripeness, then carefully treated using their very own patented process. For a maximum intake of nutritional ingredients - every day.

Berry Blend capsules Includes raspberry, bilberry, blueberry, cranberry, pomegranate, concord grape, black currant, blackberry, elderberry, artichoke and cocoa. 

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