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Farm to capsule - What is Juice Plus+?

Juice Plus+ provides plant-based nutrition from over 30 fruits, vegetables and grains in capsule and chewable forms. Production starts with high-quality ingredients straight from local farms. Farmers harvest at peak ripeness, when fruits and veggies contain the most nutrients. The farms are located nearby Juice Plus+ facilities to preserve the freshness of the ingredients with no extra shipping time needed. Watch this video to learn more about the Juice Plus+ proprietary processes that take whole fruits, vegetables and grains from farm to capsule. Feel free to like and share this video, and come back to us for any questions.

The Story:

The year was 1993. Over the previous decade, a throng of research studies had been published showing just how important fruits and vegetables are to health and longevity. Yet only 19 percent of American adults consumed fruits and veggies at least five times per day. (Today, it’s just 11 percent!) Experts agreed this was a problem.  

Realizing the importance of whole food based nutrition, the Juice Plus+ Company developed Juice Plus+ with the highest-quality ingredients. Different than a multivitamin, Juice Plus+ provides concentrated farm fresh nutrition from 30 different fruits, vegetables, berries and grains — helping bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you do eat. Supported by clinical research, Juice Plus+ supplements even a healthy diet with added nutrients from fruits and vegetables you may not get every day.

Founded almost 50 years ago by our current Chairman, Jay Martin, The Juice Plus+ Company has evolved from a small, direct-sales company into a highly successful, multimillion-dollar health and wellness company operating in more than 20 countries today. "We are guided in everything we do by our corporate mission of Inspiring Healthy Living Around the World."

The turning point for the Juice Plus+ company was in 1993 after the research study indicating the importance of a plant-based nutrition. All Juice Plus+ products share a common nutritional philosophy that traces back to those beginnings and helps them stand out from the tens of thousands of nutritional products on the market today. Juice Plus+'s products are based on whole foods, and are not vitamins or synthetic  supplements. 

Learn more about Juice Plus+ here.



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