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JerkFit Adjustable Grip Strength Hand Exerciser

JerkFit Adjustable Grip Strength Hand Exerciser

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In fact, lack of grip strength is one of the leading reasons why most people end up plateauing at the gym.  Your grip strength simply cannot hang on to as much weight as the rest of your larger body muscles.  

We highly recommend lifting straps like the Death Grips to remove the weakest part of your lift... but we also recommend you continue to work your grip like its it's own muscle group, because it is!

With the JerkFit Adjustable Grips Strength Hand Exerciser you can work on your grip strength daily without EVER having to step into the gym.  In fact, with the super fun built-in rep counter you can crush your PR's while watching Netflix on the couch!

What makes our Grip Exerciser special?

-Fully Adjustable Tension
-From 5kg up to 60kg of resistance
-Built in Rep Counter to monitor your progress
-Comfort grip handle
-High Quality and durable


Excellent for stress too.  Bring it to work and crush those frustrations and build up strength at the same time!  Add one to your cart!

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