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Light Hiking Gear

Daypack Dry Liners - Light Hiking Gear

Daypack Dry Liners - Light Hiking Gear

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An optional water resistant liner which attaches to the inside bottom of the pack with velcro.

100% Waterproof

The 3 common solutions for keeping a pack's contents dry are waterproof pack covers, welded pack seams or waterproof bags. Each has disadvantages:

Pack covers:

  1. They do not prevent water flowing down your back and wetting your pack.
  2. The cover prevents you attaching hardware to the outside of the pack.
  3. The thin cover fabric is easily torn.

Welded pack seams:

  1. A heavy weldable coating is needed on the fabric.
  2. The harness, frame and hipbelt must be very simple to facilitate easy welding or attachment.
  3. The resulting pack is heavy and has a deep side profile. This increases the leverages on your back and shoulders, seriously compromising your comfort.

Waterproof bags for all your gear:

  1. This adds considerable expense to your kit.

* Our patented integrated Dri-liners overcome these drawbacks. They make the inside of our packs and Balance Pockets 100% waterproof in wind driven rain and river swims. You can attach hardware to the outside of the pack and the tough outer fabric protects the internal liner. The liner has taped seams to keep the water out. It connects to the pack or pocket with velcro. The top is rolled down and clipped together with buckles- just like canoe bags- to complete the waterproof seal. You can float your pack across rivers and your gear will stay dry.

* Dri-liners are removable for lightness in dry climates and replaceable if damaged.

*Dri-liners are standard on most of our packs and Balance Pockets.

* Daypack Dry Liners are optional on our smallest daypacks: FlowMo Friend, Marathon Magic 22 & 33.

Color: Green

Fabric 40D ripstop nylon

Weight 1.9 Oz 54 Grams

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