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QuadPod Camping Lantern

A compact lantern that packs a lot of light into a small package, making it the perfect choice for illuminating your nighttime, outdoor adventures.


  • Ultra-bright illumination: easily lights up a whole room, giving you the brightness to see what you are doing, wherever you are. No more fumbling in the shadows.
  • 6 useful lighting modes: features flexible lighting options for every situation, including flashing SOS mode to help you summon assistance.
  • 360-degree radiance: choose the 4-panel lights for room illumination, or the light under the unit when hanging from the built-in metal hook. Ideal for lighting a tent, shed, or shelter.
  • Waterproof & weatherproof: tough enough to use in inclement weather any time of year. Don’t let a little rain put your trip on hold. 
  • Emergency phone charger:  give your phone enough power for a phone call or text (this won’t give you a full charge)
  • Solar Panel (small):  includes an amazingly compact solar panel to give you another charging method when in a pinch. The suggested method of charging is a power outlet or power bank. 
  • Foldable & portable: This big light collapses down to a tiny size, making it easy to carry and perfect for camping. 
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