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Richard Paugh - ultra marathoner / Juice Plus+

American ultramarathoner Richard Paugh is no stranger to the rewards of a hard race. Needing to travel light across different terrains, Juice Plus+ provides him the extra boost he needs without taking up too much valuable space. Feel free to like and share this video.

The importance and Power of plants in athletes! Over the weekend the Juice Plus+ October 2019 Austin conference welcomed Olympic gymnast gold medal winner, Shannon Miller to the stage, where she interviewed 5 athletes on the role nutrition plays in their training, competing, and recovery.

They are: Winter Vinecki, Olympic skier and youngest person to run a marathon on all seven continents;  Zane Grothe, USA Distance swimmer and 2020 Olympic hopeful; Ricky Prohoel, former NFL wide receiver and Carolina Panthers coach;
Eric Duda, Men’s Para-Olympic Volleyball captain; Jason Fowler, 6 time Ironman competitor!

These athletes know how to fuel what’s possible!! You can fuel yourself and/or your athletes in the same way.

Learn more about Juice Plus+ here.


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