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Tower Garden - The vertical aeroponic growing system

I am excited to have come back from my first Juice Plus/Tower Garden conference in Austin, TX, where I heard Tim Blank share with us the awesome TG updates -- the Tower Garden HOME, more to come soon, but you can take a peek:

tower garden flex

This new tower, the Tower Garden HOME version, will be available in November 2019. It is 24" wide versus 30", only 5' tall, it comes with locking wheels, versus having to purchase the dolly as an accessory. It has 32 plant sites, and a 16 baby greens section! Juice Plus+ has been working on this tower for 4 years, with an incredible team of about 100 people, testing new things, doing research and having artists design the cool new base. This size is great for the home or smaller spaces, where it can be easily tucked in a corner, or rolled from room to room in the home.

With Tower Garden, you can easily grow your own fresh, nutrient-rich food virtually anywhere, year‑round, without soil.

The Story:

Morris Bryan - Product Engineer 

Morris Bryan is the Inventor of the Tower Garden.  Morris was a curious child, taking apart and reassembling small electronics. He also wanted to understand how to grow plants, leading him to start a small farming business with his brother as a child.  After graduating from Georgia Institute of Technology in 1974, Morris was intrigued by the idea of vertical gardening, but it was not until his family textile business was sold in 1991 that he started pursuing his passion for home gardening. That led him to engineer what became the Tower Garden, obtaining its first patent in 2006. After continuing to develop and distribute his invention with Future Growing for several years, he sold the Tower Garden technology and patent to Future Growing so he could focus more of his time on inventing new gardening technology. Morris continues to serve as Product Engineer of the Tower Garden division of The Juice Plus+ Company.

Tim Blank - Chief Technology Officer

Tim’s Horticulture degree from Valencia College and career as Chief Horticulturist for the Land Hydroponic Greenhouses at Walt Disney World Company led Tim and his wife, Jessica, to start Future Growing in 2006.  Future Growing’s mission was to make vertical farming and fresh local produce available to all. To make this happen, the Future Growing team identified the Tower Garden technology as the best vehicle to accomplish the mission. 

Tim developed a versatile hydroponic mineral blend that allows many different fruits and vegetables to successfully grow in Tower Garden. The Juice Plus+ Company partnered with Tim and Jessica Blank to bring this technology to an even broader audience and today Tim serves as Chief Technology Officer of the Tower Garden division of The Juice Plus+ Company.

Learn more about Tower Garden here.


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